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Medium-run Economy Plate

Product Description & Application
Vulcan is a presensitised positive-working economy plate for mid-range sheet-fed and web offset printing.

Features & Benefits
Computerised Laser Inspection System ensures supply of only zero-defect plates
Each plate carries a printed identification number for quality assurance
Dependable run-length of up to 50,000 impressions
Excellent colour change after exposure helps detect errors
Very strong image contrast facilitates inspection and correction
Excellent dot resolution enables imaging up to 200 lpi
Wide exposure and development latitude to ensure consistent image quality and press runs
Very good resistance to alcohol and press chemicals ensures consistent dot reproduction and longer run-lengths
Compatible with Thermotect® baking process to increase run-length

Product Specifications
Plate Type : Positive-working
Substrate : Litho-grade aluminium, electrochemically grained and anodised
Gauge : 0.28 & 0.30 mm
Maximum Width : 1500 mm
Safe Light : Yellow
Spectral Sensitivity : 360 – 420 nm
Recommended Ugra : Clear 2
Recommended Stouffer : Clear 3
Micro-lines Resolution : 10 microns
Colour Changee : Green to Blue

Recommended Pressroom Chemistry
Manual Processing : Posidev Powder Developer (300 gm pack diluted in 5 ltrs water)
Machine Processing : Posidev Powder Developer (300 gm pack diluted in 5 ltrs water)
Processor Replenishment : Posidev Powder Developer (diluted suitably)
Finishing : Unifin / NovaUniGum Finishing Solution
Deletion : Jiffy Deletion Fluid
Baking : Thermotect® Baking Solution
Storage after Processing : Unifin Finishing Solution for storage up to 24 hours; NovaAraGum Solution for storage up to 3 months

Storage & Handling
Storage & Handling : Unexposed plates must be stored in the original pack in a cool & dry environment
Recommended conditions : 20-25oC, upto 70% RH.
Shelf-life : For optimum results use prior to the “best before date” specified on the pack label.