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NovaInk TM Platina

Product Description & Application
NovaInk Platina is a coldset web offset ink designed for printers who demand high-speed printability on a wide range of paper choices with strong colors and good rub properties. It is a high strength ink that can be used on standard News print as well as maplitho/woodfree paper.
Features & Benefits
New formulation; produces smooth lay in solids and sharp dot reproduction
Wide water window; avoids frequent water adjustments on press
Excellent litho property aids in fast ink-water balance; reducing start-up waste
Minimal show-through and strike-through with suitable paper grades; enables to achieve good readability
Low misting; allows to maintain a clean and healthy working environment
Fast setting ink; reduces smudging and rub off making it suitable for post press handling & processing
Controlled surface tension; reduces ink deposition on guide rollers reducing frequent press stoppages for cleaning these rollers
Substrate Compatibility
Standard News printMaplithoGlazed News PrintLWC Paper
 Highly Recommended    Recommended    Workable    Non Workable   
20 Kg Plastic container
200 Kg Barrel
Storage Conditions
Store containers in a clear and cool area. Keep containers closed.