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Laser Printer Film

Product Description & Application
Laser Printer Film is a polyester-based, daylight-working, zero-process, dry-to-dry film exclusively designed for making silk-screen positives (or negatives) using a desktop computer and a laser printer. The UV density of the image is comparable with silver-sensitised graphic arts films and therefore perfectly suited for exposing silk-screens. Its low background density helps in optimum exposure to ensure total hardening of silk-screen.

Features & Benefits
Semi translucent, off-white film with a matte finish coating gives a low background density of 0.17, ideally suitable for development of silk-screen positives
In-line stabilised to provide superior dimensional and heat stability for good registration
High toner adhesion and UV resistant image at lower levels of toner consumption
Not recommended for stack feeding
Compatible with most laser printers.

NovaDense Density Booster Solution
Using NovaDense Density Booster Solution on the prints will enhance image density equivalent to lith film. You can get UV density close to 2.30

Product Specification
Base  : Dimensionally stable polyester film
Total Thickness : 100 microns (± 3 mic)
Coating : Single side coated
Background Density* : 0.15 – 0.23
Image Density after use of NovaDense Density Booster* : 2.10 – 2.30
Sizes : 210 mm x 291 mm
Available Packing : 125 sheets
Shelf-Life : Two years from the date of manufacture when stored in original packing at 20-25o C and 50-65 % RH.

* UV density of background and image density measured using Gretag Macbeth D200 – II densitometer.
Test media printed on HP 1020 / 5100 laser Jet printer.

Media Handling and Storage
NovaSharp Topaz, Pearl, Pearl Plus and Pearl Plus Premium can be imaged on either side of the film
NovaSharp Diamond has to be imaged on the matte side identified by a notch on the top right corner of the film, when held in the portrait form
Hold the media by the edges. Be careful not to scuff or scratch the printing side
Store the media in a cool dry place and away from direct sunlight
Store the media flat, to avoid curling, warping or damage to the edges
Ensure that blank media is always kept safely in the original packing
Maintain print environment at 20-25o C at 50-65% RH for optimum print quality.