Nova Ink Enrich

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Product Description & Application
NovaInk Enrich is a vegetable oil based sheet-fed offset ink, with new generation resin technology designed to produce sharp dots, bright colors and excellent all round properties for top quality printing jobs on both latest and older generation presses.
Features & Benefits
New resin technology; enables excellent transfer of ink even at high printing speeds
Excellent ink-water balance; reduces frequent adjustments on press
Duct-fresh; reduces ink wastage and unproductive time spent in washing the press saving time, money and labour
Good rub resistance; allows printed sheets to be handled without damaging the print
High colour intensity; for high color contrast
Low dot gain; ensures sharp image reproduction even in areas of heavy ink coverage
Fast setting; enables quick post print operations
Substrate Compatibility
Glossy Coated paper & boardUncoated paper & boardMatt coated paper & board
 Highly Recommended    Recommended    Workable    Non Workable   
2.5 kg Vacuum Pack, 10 kg per box
2 kg Regular Pack, 12 kg per box
Storage Conditions
Store containers in a clear and cool area. Keep containers closed