Soft Touch Varnish ( Velvet Touch )

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Soft Touch Varnish

Product Description & Application
Velvet Touch is a medium drying water based high matte coating. Due to its unique surface structure the coating displays a pleasing velvet touch effect combined with excellent scratch and rub resistance. NovaCote W1280-45 is designed to enable later refinishing with UV coating or hot foil stamping.


  • Recommended application weight 3-4 g/m2 (wet-on-wet)
  • Formulated for :
    Board & Paper
    Single sided applications
    Conventional coating units (Anilox/2 Roller systems)

Block resistance:+++
Glueability / Foilability:○
Drying speed:+++
Double sided applications:●
Rub resistance:+++
+ = low/slow ++++ = very high/very fast ○ = limited, test required ● = suitable – = not suitable

Storage, Handling & Packaging
Storage & Handling:Protect from direct sunlight. Keep away from freezing & temperature above 30oC. Keep containers tightly closed, when not in use.
Shelf-life:12 months from the month of manufacture if stored in unopened original packaging, between 5oC to 30oC and out of direct sunlight.
Packing:20 kg containers; 210 kg drums and bulk options.
Caution:Avoid contact with skin and eyes. The use of hand gloves and safety glasses are recommended.